Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 14

I made this photo last Feb 14.  Haven't hit the stores for the candy sales yet this year!  When I do, I will make a new one for this year.

Feb 13

I made this Irish Blessing wall hanging for my hubby.  My favorite line from it:  "May your heart be strong." My 24th wedding anniversary.

Feb 12

This is a project I created from scrapbook supplies.  I love the bright colors

Feb 11

Look closely through this frosted window and you can see a house and trees silhoutted in the background

Feb 10

how about a trio of photos from Mike's performance with the All District Band. 

Feb 9

My husband built me a landing in my garage to hold the shoes I kept finding everywhere around the house!  What a time saver it is to have the shoes all in one place.  My hubby rocks!

Feb 8

Feb 7

I am posting some of my favorites from previous shoots because I don't have many current photos.

Feb 6

This cell phone photo was cool, the lens was a bit smudgy so I got this awesome starburst effect.  Notice the horizontal lines in the sky.  I thought it was just beautiful!

Feb 5

Feb 4

how about another digital drawing!  I love playing with this app on my phone!

Feb 3

I got behind on my blog again!!  I have a good excuse this time though.  My husband was hospitalized on this date, so I am posting a small drawing I made on my cell phone.  I am so glad he is better!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2

This random thread was on the floor.  Every time I looked at it, it made me think of one of my friends.  So, I seized the opportunity to say an extra special prayer for her.

Feb 1

It's amazing how quickly I can get behind on this project!!  Here is a photo from an earlier shoot.  I just love checking out all the details in nature!