Monday, December 30, 2013

Day three First Juice

I made this Roots and Fruits juice.  The recipe is found on the website.
I loved parsnips as a kid.  My mom used to slice the long ways down the parsnip and then fry them in butter.  So, I never knew you could wat them any other way! 
This juice brings back warm and cozy childhood memories for me!  How sweet!
If you absolutely detest parsnips, substitute more carrots because you can definitely taste the parsnips!
Day three begins for me with warm memories of my mother cooking in the kitchen.  I'm juicing on!!!!!

Day three begins!

I haven't even had my first juice yet but I just have a couple things I had to say.  I woke up this morning feeling only what I can describe as bright.  I didn't feel groggy or achey.  I didn't have a headache and I am not feeling hungry or deprived at all!  I feel like I could exercise.  I don't want to depress myself by doing that yet.  Lol
And while I don't want to focus on the numbers... I am exactly five pounds down!
Day three,  here I come!!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 2 of Juicing

This morning I woke up feeling like dirt.  My sinuses are hurting, causing earaches and sore throat.  On top of that, the weather is awful.  It is rainy and gray.
My wonderful husband made me a juice this morning as soon as he came downstairs.  I felt terrible, but I felt terrible and didn't want to drink it just yet!! I did make a cinnamon/apple herb tea and that made my throat feel much better.
It's now one p.m. and I am finally having a juice.  Since I made the family a home made pizza today, naturally I want to eat it!!!  But I resisted and made a tomato-heavy juice instead.  This juice has six small roma tomatoes and two medium regular tomatoes, a tiny piece of onion, a large handful of cilantro, two carrots, two cloves of garlic and half a beet.  It is heavy on the spices, but I love a lot of spices in my foods.
The good news is, if I can't finish all my juice, my kids are loving having the leftovers!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day one

This is my awesome husband creating my second juice for the day.  He is already amazingly supportive and helpful.  I know this journey will be so much easier with him by my side.
I did wake up this morning feeling awful.  But it has nothing to do with juicing.  My allergies have cause me two earaches and very sore throat.  I actually fell back asleep this morning for an hour and a half.
What I have worked on today has been the cover of my recipe book.  I went to the website and copied a ton of juice recipes.  I printed them out on card stock so my book will last a long time.  I left plenty of room for notes next to each recipe, that way I can remember if I made any changes, etc to the juice.
I will post a picture of my recipe book when I finish it.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The day before I begin

So here I am.  Five foot two and my home scale says I weigh 297.6.
I have asthma, depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, trouble sleeping.  I have headaches and about the only thing that doesn't hurt on me is my elbows!
  I take one step at a time with the same foot forward on my stairs due to knee pain.  I have noticed in the last four months that every day I seem to be a little weaker.  I can nearly walk up my driveway without stopping.
  My blood work seems fine, my cholesterol is a little elevated.   I am fifty years old.  I have been this weight with very little fluctuations for the past six years or more. 
I have had two stomach surgeries that were supposed to help me lose weight.  They resulted in me having numerous more operations due to infections and various other problems.  Some times the surgeries left me bed ridden for months.  I had to have someone else come live with us so they could take care of my family while I recovered. 
I have a treadmill in my living room that sits idle.  I hope to be able to use it in the coming months. 
Tomorrow begins my journey to help myself.  It is the first time in many years that I have been motivated to do so. 
My  best friend introduced me to a Netflix documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".  For the past month I have been diving into the idea of juicing and doing tons of research.  I have had the information in front of my face every day in an effort to motivate and educate myself. 
I am also making my journey very public.  The reason for this is simple.  Accountability.  Motivation.  Humiliation. Education. I am hoping that keeping a public record of my journey will keep me honest and on track.
What I need from you is simple....I need your support.  Ask questions.  Leave uplifting messages for me.  I really need to do this.

Friday, December 20, 2013

I love photographing wild long as it stays outside!!!!!

Another favorite of mine from this year.

seashells and bones

Cool Flyers
This is probably one of the prettiest pictures that I took this year.

Santa is Awesome!

I was lucky enough to be asked back to photograph the Special kids with a very special Santa.  I love this job!!!

The official NICE list!!!!

The process

I wanted to show a little bit of the process I used to create this piece.  This is not the final outcome yet.  I added many more layers of paints, etc.  This is the largest piece I have done so far but I didn't like the substrate I used.  It is warping, so now I have to frame it in a hefty frame that will keep it flat.  The final picture to posted when I get it framed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3

Love to see the weather systems in the distance.  That is rain on either side of the bright rectangle on the horizon!!

July 2

My cousin's daughter and her boyfriend.  Such sweet love birds!

July 1

This is her son's best friend, checking in on my cousin.  It's only been two and a half months since they lost Justin (who was 19).

June 30


What would it cost to cure this envy???  $52,000......  Think I can remain envious a while longer!

June 29

This marks a 25 year-reunion.  My cousin was in my wedding 25 years ago and I have not seen her since then!  It was a sweet time to be together.  I'm glad I went.