Monday, February 3, 2014

A Pretty Good Day

I had a pretty good day today.  Not perfect, but still good.  I juiced all day until kids started to get home from school.  I had to go pick up one kid at his school, then go to the pharmacy, then go get the kids dinner, then go back to the pharmacy, then had to get in rush hour traffic to go the the Eye Doctor to pick up contacts and order glasses, that was followed up by a stop at Sweet Frog to plan an upcoming birthday party there.  My days are not usually so furious at the end, but we literally ate on the run in the car.
I tried to make the best choices I could.  I had a six inch sub from Subway.  All the veggies plus cheese, oil and vinegar.  This is a better choice than I have made in the past because I usually get DOUBLE that amount of food and eat it over the course of the evening!  So, while not great, it is BETTER.  I did have a soda~~diet.  No change there.  When we went to Sweet Frog, I grabbed the smallest cup and only put about 1/3 of the cup with yogurt.  No toppings.  It was really just a sampling of the yogurt.  I would normally fill it over the top and add chocolate.  So, this was BETTER than before.
I plan on drinking water the rest of the evening and begin juicing again in the morning.  I don't consider this day a loss, I consider it a win.  I am cutting into portion sizes if I eat and trying to pack in lots of veggies.  Understand, if I eat a salad at home, it is veggies ONLY.
Not a perfect Juice Fast day, but a pretty good day anyways!!!!

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  1. I consider it a success too
    WOW_ look at your choices...
    ALL healthy
    YOU could have thrown in the towel and caved.
    But, instead you were strong
    good for you Charlene