Saturday, February 1, 2014 you see a trend??

Reboot, again!!  And again, and again if I have to.  I already noticed a huge difference in the foods I crave, even when not doing just juicing.  I also noticed that the auto-immune issues are far less evident when I am doing strict juicing/eating veggies/fruits.  I really believe the immune problems can be cured through the whole foods juicing, etc.
I went shopping today and have enough produce to do juicing all week long.  I really, really want to do this.  I was able to maintain my ten pound loss.  So, now I am aiming for another ten pounds.  I am ecstatic over maintaining my original loss, that is huge by itself because I haven't been under 290 in many, many years.  I was able to stay down and now I am ready to go again.  I know what to expect and I actually am looking forward to it.
I find I make a lot of excuses for myself and end up hating who I am as a result.  But, I am not giving up on this fight.  I am going to take it a juice at a time and maintain the weight losses.  I have room for my treadmill now and need to make myself go in and walk now.  My husband even ran cable and electric and hung a flat screen tv in front of the treadmill.  Guess all that's left is to decide what I want to watch!!
Wish me luck again!!  Here I go!!
Love and Happy thoughts!!!

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  1. YOU have this!!!
    I watch 20 mins of tv while doing my treadmill
    it helps A LOT
    keep strong