Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you bored yet?

I feel like I am boring you guys with telling you the same thing over and over but here goes anyways!
I juiced all day, no problems, had a very plain salad from Arby's--it was perfect for me but if I were ordering it cause I craved a real salad, this would have made me mad.  It was literally 95% lettuce, about a quarter-sized amount of diced tomatoes and bacon and about an ounce of turkey.  Arby's--your Farmhouse salad sucks! For $6.30 you could put more than a tiny, tiny bit of tomatoes on it!!
I am drinking water, had no cravings throughout the day and no problems wanting to eat what I made my family for dinner--chili.
Overall, a good day again.  I think I feel less stressed this time around because I have learned so much about nutrition and what to expect when juicing.  I just feel good.
Oh, and I bought a papaya to try.  Don't know anything about papayas.  Have to go online and see how to tell when they are ripe and how to prepare them for juicing.  Sad huh?
I'm carrying my butt to bed!!
Night all!

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  1. hee hee, well, I am not bored reading your blog...
    This blog is invaluable for YOU- to read back and see where your trigger moments have been. Or where your good positive vibes have come from
    You have come a long way- and you and I BOTH have learned so much more than when we began in Dec 27th -29th 2013.
    do NOT put it in the juicer- it will waste it- it is more for smoothies
    so, make a smoothie out of it
    cut in half- cut away the pulp- there is a large seed to deal with.
    Be prepared to have messy hands while doing the prep work