Saturday, January 4, 2014

1/4/14 A Successful Day!

I am having Pineapple Gazpacho from the website. It is made just like you would expect red tomato gazpacho but with pineapple in, less tomatoes and spinach
 for the greens.  For this drink I put in half a bag of spinach.  I don't think I've been using quite enough greens into my juices.  The next time I make this I will put in 1/4 lemon instead of half just to let the pineapple come through a little more.

I am counting today as a success!!!  I did do some nibbling and I have to be more mindful of that but my sweetie made me a really nice salad today at lunch time and other than that, I have had 4 juices and not quite as much water as I should but I still have several hours to get them

I am gonna make this work!!!  Love and hugs!

1 comment:

  1. sounds great
    I will try that drink
    good day for you :)