Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reboot Reset

Good morning everyone and Happy New Year! I am starting off the New Year with a Reboot Reset--I broke down and had pizza with my family and some cheese and crackers. I have to tell you a little more about that though. I started off the day in a terrible mood.  I realized I had hurt my best friend and I was kicking myself.  I figured I was a terrible person and why even try to live and feel better when I was just so self-centered.  
I yelled at my kids--all of them.  I got mad and started making an omelette with all the stuff in it that I love and realized it wasn't even tempting me, I was not hungry and I was not craving it.  So I gave my son the omelette and made a juice.  Then I also drank a lot more water than I had been the previous days.  I also still feel lousy with my sinuses, ears, and throat and now my asthma is kicking in.  Dinner time is my tough time.  I have to come up with some strategies to help me through that time of day.  I have to make dinner for my family daily which is a little like torture.  So, I have to find a way to help myself get through the evening.  I have been making dinner and then making my juice.  I also have not been able to get in FIVE juices.  
I knew my hubby was bringing the kiddos pizza for dinner and that is a weakness for me--there is no BAD pizza pretty much!  So, I decided I had done remarkably well for my first three days without the amount of foods I usually consumed and was going to have pizza.  Dinner arrives and I take my first two pieces of pepperoni pizza.  First bite and I kind of recoiled.  It was sooooo salty to me.  I can't believe how much taste buds can be affected in such a short amount of time.  I am someone who eats three pieces of pizza at dinner and then one more before bed.  I had to put the second piece back and immediately started downing water.  Crackers and spray cheese had the same effect.  I couldn't consume anywhere near the amounts of these FAVoRite foods as I normally would have.
So, I am juicing again today having learned a valuable lesson.  I also watched a documentary called The Beautiful Truth. It is well worth watching and I highly recommend it.  I am not, by any means, turning into a salesman or preacher of philosophy.  I am just sharing what I am up to.  I hope it doesn't bore you and if you don't want to get the emails from my blog anymore, please let me know.
 I also got to sleep til 9:45! That doesn't happen very often. I also am starting off the new year with a familiar trend.....I have to find my phone!!! Yes, it's dead and yes...I have no idea where it is!!!! 
Here is hoping this New Year is filled with love and miracles. I am hoping for the miracle of a strong will to stay on my Reboot Juicing faithfully for at least 60 days.

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