Sunday, January 5, 2014


I was really hoping to wake up this morning under 290 pounds. It didn't happen.  I was disappointed but not defeated.  I focused on the fact that this has to be a lifestyle change in order to be effective.  I focused on the fact that I am still juicing and eventually my body will fall in line and begin to react the way I understand it should.  

I am finding out more information everyday about the foods I should be using in my juicing routine and making the adjustments as I go.  In a day or so, I WILL be under 290 then I can look forward to the next milestone, totally doable--280 and so on. I want desperately to succeed at this because I totally believe that consuming raw, natural foods is, without a doubt, a healthier choice.  So I am going to focus on the goal of being healthier and not so much on the numbers.  That is why I am not down today, that is why I didn't give up.  The numbers will come and so will the healthier, happier me.

I'm still juicing!!!

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