Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tonight's Juice

So, tonight I made my family dinner--a roast with carrot potatoes and onions.  So my juice was inspired by their dinner!

4 celery stalks
4 carrots
small amount of onion
4 handfuls of spinach
one apple
one inch ginger
one cherry bomb

I sprinkled the top with fresh dill.


  1. sounds yummy
    I made a pork roast with carrots -onions and potatoes in the slow cooker.
    put the broth of it in the soup made from the pulp
    It was great

    1. Is Logan home? Who gets to eat all the yummies?

    2. other thing I do at night
      - take an orange or tangerine
      - do NOT PEEL IT
      - cut it in sections (keep the rind on it- very imp)
      - then just put a section in mouth so that rind it against your teeth- suck on the pulp
      SO, I am getting fresh fresh orange juice
      - being able to do something with my hands and food
      - NOT eating any of the pulp
      just sucking on it
      satisfies my urge to snack late at night

  2. yes, Logan came home early
    2 days ago
    I sent you a Facebook friend request and a message.
    Who gets the yummies- NOT ME
    He eats them in front of me- I don't care- the thought of having him see me FAIL is more powerful than any temptation to eat.
    The pork roast- OMG- my favo meal- he got the food.
    I took the broth from it- added it to my Pulp- I drank it instead of eating-
    (ps- remember- I am making this reboot MY OWN- and will drink animal based broth occasionally)
    will be kind of difficult when I make chili tomorrow-
    But, then again- I will take a cup of the broth from it- and drink it.
    I am in to this for the long run- and going till March 15th is a LONG LONG time-
    my email