Friday, January 3, 2014

End of the Day 1/3/14

What I would like to know is, when stress rears its ugly head, why do I suddenly want to devour everything in the house?   I've also noticed through this that when I am angry I tend to want to eat anything I can find.  Why is that?  That nasty habit is 50 years old and now I finally  recognize it.  But it is fighting the new habits I want so desperately to take over!!  
Today was a pretty emotional day.  Someone I love very much got bad news but not enough information to know what is going to happen.  Waiting is awful. I hate being powerless to help in these situations.  I just hope I can help bolster this person's spirit and help them through it.  
Juicing today was just ok.  I am down 6.2 pounds so far.  I am getting a little low on variety of veggies available in my fridge.  I did go to Tropical Smoothie the last two days while I was out. 
I love the tomato-based juices so far.  I hope it doesn't matter what food we gravitate to in our juicing.  I am still putting in greens, yellows, oranges into my juices.  Today what I did do was eat a small salad at lunch time.  I am trying to make different choices than I would normally. (Like eating the leftover pizza, or a bagel with cream cheese. ) I am trying to nibble only on fruits and veggies.  
One thing I have had no trouble going without is soda.  Usually, anytime I get in my car, I get a soda.  Today, I went to the Smoothie Cafe first before going through the McDonald's drive thru for my kids.  I was tempted to take a big bite out of a hamburger but I ate a handful of fries instead!!!! that was such a great choice!!!!  Baby steps!!!!!
Here is hoping tomorrow I am stronger knowing what I know about myself now.
Love and Hugs!  Charlene

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  1. Hi Charlene- hope all went well last night-
    I am UP a lb and a half :(
    did NOT eat- who knows why- still, staying the course
    Please, I hope you join our small facebook group for juicers- It is much better than the reboot site.